Rikin Patel of Whitehall – Tips to Lower Your Cholesterol

Rikin Patel of Whitehall assists customers with many different health problems. High cholesterol is a common problem that can be treated and managed. If you struggle with high cholesterol and are looking for a way to lower it, these tips can help.

Rikin Patel Whitehall

Watch Your Weight

If your cholesterol is high you may want to consider losing a few pounds. Even losing as little as five pounds can be enough to help lower your cholesterol. You will also need to keep the weight off to keep your cholesterol down.

Eat Unprocessed Foods

If you are eating a lot of processed foods and are experiencing high cholesterol, your diet could be to blame. Try eating foods that have not been processed or that are minimally processed. Fresh foods are always best.

Stop Bad Habits

If you are drinking and smoking regularly, these bad habits could be causing your high cholesterol. If you want to lower it and keep it low, you will need to stop these bad habits or at the very least reduce the amount of alcohol you drink and the frequency you smoke.

Exercise Often

Exercise can work wonders for people suffering from high cholesterol. It can help you lose weight which can lower it and also improve your metabolism, which can also have an effect on your cholesterol.

High cholesterol can lead to many different health problems. If you think you may be suffering from high cholesterol, talk to your doctor and then find a pharmacist like Rikin Patel of Whitehall.



About Rikin Patel Whitehall

Rikin Patel worked hard to earn a strong education before opening his own pharmacy in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. He enrolled in the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and earned a Doctor of Pharmacy.
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