Rikin Patel of Whitehall – Tips For Beginner Bowlers

Rikin Patel of Whitehall owns a pharmacy and enjoys meeting new customers and helping people get the medicine they need. He also has many hobbies including bowling. He is even in a bowling league. If you are new to bowling, these tips can help you improve.

Choose The Right Ball

Your bowling ball should be the right size and weight. You should choose a ball that is not too heavy or light and is capable of knocking down all the pins but is not heavy or hard to roll. If you need help choosing the right ball, ask another bowler for advice.

Position Your Body

Your body’s position determines how you roll the ball and whether or not you hit any pins. You want to stand in a position that is comfortable and natural and that allows you to easily aim and roll your ball successfully.

Time Your Release

The release of your ball is all about timing. You need to let go of it at the right time in order to give it enough power to get it down the lane while also keeping your aim and knocking down as many pins as possible. It can take practice to determine when you should release the ball.

If you are looking for a fun new hobby that will help you meet people and get in shape, consider taking up bowling. Rikin Patel of Whitehall enjoys bowling and plays often. If you want to learn how to be a good bowler, the above tips can help.


About Rikin Patel Whitehall

Rikin Patel worked hard to earn a strong education before opening his own pharmacy in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. He enrolled in the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and earned a Doctor of Pharmacy.
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